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NOVA #2, Justice League of America, Age of Ultron!

 Justice League of America #1. Writer Geoff Johns has taken his talents to another project that is very much exciting. The Justice League of America is created so that the United States no longer will be dependent on a team 20,000 miles away on a satellite with no loyalties aka The Justice League. This team of super heroes includes:Hawkman, Katana, Stargirl, Vibe, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern (Simon Baz), Green Arrow, and Catwoman. During the first issue the plot mostly revolves around Wonder Woman’s Ex “boy toy” and long time friend Steve Trevor and Director of the whole operation Amanda Waller. They are creating this team of super heroes to keep the Justice League in check and act as a balance of power. The heroes themselves have shady pasts of their own and are seen as issues that can conflict with the team like Catwoman and her past for example. They also bring along for the ride Martian Manhunter aka J’onn J’onzz who has since recently had it out for the original Justice League. Also Simon Baz the new Green Lantern is included with the crew who was arrested for suspicion of terrorism because of his muslim ethnicity (see Green Lantern Special #0). Stargirl and Vibe are the young members although Stargirl has more experience than Vibe. Vibe is an eighteen year old latino name Francisco “Paco” Ramon whose powers are to create vibrations and shatter dimensions with them. This power is unique because it will be very useful for enemies with dimensional powers. I have high hopes for this young member. Stargirl aka Courtney Whitmore is a high school student with a a powerful staff called The Cosmic Staff. She is very attractive and very good at saving lives with Waller reporting to Steve of over a hundred incidents. Although she seems perfect she sleeps at night with the light on leaving clues of distress. My thoughts on this series is very hopeful. Geoff Johns did wonders with the original Justice League and the team looks very close matched to the original league. But as I read it feels a lot like a suicide Squad more and more. I can only hope it will not disappoint.



   Justice League meets its match?






   Starting off slowly but surely.




Age of Ultron #1-2. Hank Pym’s brain child is back again to wreak havoc on the earth and destroy all its super heroes. Washington D.C is gone and New York is next. Superheroes are forced to hide like rats. Captain America is tarnished and Spiderman helpless. Meanwhile Agent Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow tries to see if she can find a solution amongst Nick Fury’s secret bases. This event series will be made into 10 parts and is separate from the MARVEL NOW universe.         Image

Captain America saddened by the loss of his country and its citizens.




NOVA #2: Oh boy am I excited for this series. Sam Alexander inherits the title previously held by his father of a Nova Corpsman, The series has only two issues so far so not much has happened but what has happened is very substantial. Sam is starting believe the kooky stories of his fathers corpsman days of flying and exploring planets. They are no longer stories when Sam meets Rocket Raccoon and Gamora the deadliest assassin. Sam can no longer ignore his destiny as a Nova and puts on the helmet to fly away. He flies away high enough to reach the moon where he meets the Watcher and the second installment ends there. I am loving this series because it seems very down to earth for youngsters and not exactly serious. This comic is perfect for the beginning comic book reader who wants to get started on a good series or for that little person you know.


 I hope you liked the reviews. Im sorry I havent posted in a while but I am working on that. Read comics and be happy.



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