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Batman#17,Green Lantern New 52, Deadpool MARVEL NOW!



Batman #17 Conclusion of Death in the Family- With the end of the Night of the Owls story arc it made room for the Death of the Family story arc which was a crossover thriller from beginning to end. With writer Scott Snyder running the show the story was made from not just Batman but also Batgirl,Batman and Robin,Catwoman,Detective Comics,Nightwing,Red Hood and the Outlaws,Suicide Squad, and Teen Titans.                      

   ImageWith such an extensive list of crossovers it was a readers delight to read the Jokers newest plight from so many angles. The conclusion also showed another side of the Joker and his relationship not just with Batman but also with Bruce Wayne himself which was very interesting. The story really went on about explaining Batman’s timeless predicament of not killing the Joker and even hints at the Jokers real name. Batman also struggles with the danger of having so many allies and how it can make him more vulnerable to his enemies as the Joker happily points out. The story arc is very much worth reading if you are a fan of not just Batman but also Gotham’s mightiest bat family.


Green Lantern New 52#1-5 – Green Lantern written by Geoff Jones and pencilled by Doug Manhke. Green Lanterns new tale begins with Sinestro as a Green Lantern!? In this story Sinestro is chosen once again by a green ring to help take over his home planet of Korugar from his own Sinestro Corps who have enslaved Korugars people. With this predicament Sinestro has asked for the help of his long time enemy and former green lantern Hal Jordan. Hal is distraught and down in the dumps with the loss of his power ring and loss of purpose. His on and off again girlfriend Carol Ferris and Violet Corpsmen is all he has left. But Sinestro gives him the chance to get his ring back but with limited capabilities. And they go off to take back Sinestro’s home planet Korugar.





Deadpool MARVEL NOW!- It is not a reboot! Marvel keeps telling us it is not a reboot of the series but more of a starting over… or under. Deadpool is back in his first issue with Marvel Now! fighting none other than our 32nd President Franklin Delano Roosevlt who is a little upset with the country’s state of the union. Deadpool is more of the same as ever wise cracking and being immune to all damage on his body. What I like about most from the character is his sarcasm and the ability to break the fourth wall to speak with the reader and confuse the rest of the characters. Deadpool is later confronted with the ghost of Benjamin Franklin who he soe not know wheter it is a ghost or a hallucination of his unstable mind. Deadpool later fights Teddy Roosevelt at the zoo and he is later forced to arrive at the mansion of Doctor Strange. This comic will easily become one of my most favorites and is a must for all Deadpool fans.



Isn’t he lovely.





Here he is breaking the “fourth wall” if you dont know what it is google it!


I will post every Monday and Saturday if I can! Thanks for reading and please share with others who read comics. Comment if you will so I can get some feedback! Thanks.


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