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Talon,Superior Spiderman, Amazing Spiderman

Comics I bought today: Talon#4 a hero born from the underground organization of Gotham known as the Court of Owls. I love owls. Superior Spiderman #3 Following Peter Parkers death and Otto Octavius taking over his body, arguably the best thing to happen to spiderman comics. And I got Amazing Spiderman #700 2nd print detailing the death of Peter Parker and his body switch with Doc Ock I bought it for sentimental reasons. I spent about 15 bucks. Read comics they’re fun.

2 responses to “Talon,Superior Spiderman, Amazing Spiderman

  1. Johnathan ⋅

    Put more detail into the story of the comics it should help the readers get more involved with the blog.

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